Printing Services(General and Large Formats)

At wiclink solution we posses the latest printing machines in the industry. We do both general printing which include flyers and business cards to large format printing which involves banners and A1 sized pages and more.

At wiclink solution we use different methods when it comes to printing so as to bring out quality print outs. Some of the common methods that we use include:

Letterpress printing

Letterpress is the classic technique for print reproductions. All conventional printing processes require a printing block, also known as a print substrate, which consists of printing and non-printing parts. The printing block is often known as a plate. Since the raised parts of the plate constitute the surfaces to be printed, the letterpress is a relief printing process. The printing parts are colored by an inking system consisting of a row of rollers. They create a thin film of ink which colors the raised parts of the plate. The ink is transferred directly from the printing block to the printing surface using a set amount of contact pressure.

Digital printing

Digital printing allows information to be delivered from the computer straight to paper without having to put together a master. This combines the technology of a color printer with the mechanics of a printing press. The quality of a digital print nowadays is almost equivalent to that of UV flexography. For smaller print runs, digital printing is faster and cheaper and allows room for special techniques like personalized printing or print on demand.

Offset printing

Offset printing is as a screen printing process. Printing and non-printing surfaces are virtually on the same level. Offset printing is an indirect printing technique. The ink is first transferred from the printing block to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface. This offsetting process is what gives the technique its name. The separation of the printing and non-printing surfaces is based on the principle that fat and water will repel each other. The printing parts of a metal offset printing plate are prepared to be hydrophobic (water-repellent) and therefore take on the oily printing ink

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Commonly used printing techniques used

Some of the more common printing technologies are:

  • blueprint – and related chemical technologies
  • daisy wheel – where pre-formed characters are applied individually
  • dot-matrix – which produces arbitrary patterns of dots with an array of printing studs
  • line printing – where formed characters are applied to the paper by lines
  • heat transfer – such as early fax machines or modern receipt printers that apply heat to special paper, which turns black to form the printed image
  • inkjet – including bubble-jet, where ink is sprayed onto the paper to create the desired image
  • electrophotography – where toner is attracted to a charged image and then developed
  • laser – a type of xerography where the charged image is written pixel by pixel using a laser
  • solid ink printer – where solid sticks of ink are melted to make liquid ink or toner

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